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Prayer Journals – Thoughts From Val Marie Paper

In 2013, after getting pregnant and finding even more reasons to worry, I searched for something that could organize my thoughts and help me turn those worries into prayers. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I designed it. I had no idea how many of you had a need for the same product! I had originally hoped to sell 50, but as of September 2016, we’ve sold over 27,000 prayer journals. I cannot take any credit for this. I am just so thankful the Lord picked me to be a part of it!

Our undated prayer journal is a simple tool to organize your prayers by filling out the prompts at the beginning of each month and carrying it with you to pray throughout the month. We expanded to men’s and kid’s prayer journals and are continuing to add yearly other tools to help cultivate a passion-filled prayer life.

I know all the questions going through your head as you figure out whether you should purchase a journal, because I’ve been there too. My heart isn’t to simply get prayer journals in your shopping cart, I want them to radically change your heart.

For that reason, here are some thoughts:

Your relationship with God is worth investing in. For the price of a shirt on the clearance rack at the Gap, you could say yes to a tool that can impact your life and the lives of all those you want to pray for. Maybe our product isn’t the right fit for you. That’s totally fine. Just know your prayer life is worth investing in. I have had countless people email me to say this little journal has changed their life.

I have spent the past year hoping to help you answer this question!! And even though, I can’t force you to open it once the journal is in your hands, I did create the Fresh Start journal to help you get started and let you take our format out for a test spin. We all know getting started is normally the hardest part, right? It’s a 31-day devotional on prayer that I hope will jump start your prayer life and help you create a habit of praying daily. It has a month set of prompts so you can test out our format as you read to see if it works for you!

Our journals are straightforward and simple. Our prayer journal was the first monthly prompted journal of it’s kind. As imitations have popped up, I have noticed a trend of making them more complicated as they try to differentiate. I even felt some pressure to add lots of other non-prayer related features to compete. But ultimately God reminded me of the purpose we started with. This is what sets ours apart, a format/function (fill out once a month) and design (clean with no distracting graphics) that will make it easy for you to pick up when you have 5 minutes to spare. Ultimately, I know if it’s too overwhelming, we won’t use it. With our journal, you know when you crack it open, you can focus on one thing: communing with God.

That’s completely up to you. Whether you get our 6-month undated prayer journal or the Fresh Start journal, I want you to commit to one solid month of using it and then decide whether it’s for you long term. Those that I have talked to that HAVE used it consistently have seen God work tremendously. This is my prayer for you too!

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